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Woods- "Cali In A Cup"

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Experimental folk outfit Woods is gearing up to release a new album in September titled Bend Beyond. "Cali In A Cup" is the first single from the album, and it's unbelievable how sunny and lighthearted the track feels. I mean, this track is essentially coming from the band that wrote one of the most depressing songs of 2009. However, I guess it's not surprising considering the band's last album wasn't that dark. Maybe this sort of direction has been in the cards for Woods; however, the press release Forcefield PR attached with this new track says to expect a heaping mountain of darkness from Bend Beyond:

"On Bend Beyond, though, Earl and company fully embrace that darkness."

If that is the case, Woods is definitely not off to a good start with this track. Still, I'm excited to hear them say the album shoots to accurately portray the band's live intensity, which is yet to be fully accomplished on one of their albums, I feel.

Look for Bend Beyond on September 18th. A 7" single of "Cali In A Cup" is dropping on August 14th.