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A.C. Newman- "I'm Not Talking"

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Stream: A.C. Newman- "I'm Not Talking" New Pornographers frontman/power pop wizard A.C. Newman has a solo new album on the way, which will followup his 2009 record Get Guilty. On his facebook page yesterday, Newman announced the new full length, which is called Shut Down The Streets, and shared a new track called "I'm Not Talking." Like all of Newman's best tracks, the single is an instantly lovable melodic gem with a great arrangement and nostalgic, relatable lyrics. I love the bleep-bloopy synth arpeggio that anchors this track, along with the breezy, full bodied acoustic guitars and the arching horn melody, which appears in the intro and returns valiantly in the chorus. Sonically, it's not far off from what the New Pornographers were doing on their last album Together, but Newman clearly works well with that aesthetic.

No release date has been announced for Shut Down The Streets yet, but you can download the single for free via Pitchfork.