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Ab-Soul- "Nibiru" (Prod. JMSN)

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Eccentric TDE affiliate Ab-Soul drops a new track for what his label is calling "TDE Fam Appreciation Week." As long as it leads to new tracks, I'm down with this.

This particular track is produced by the mysterious, experimental underground R&B project known as JMSN. Soulo brings another series of rhymes that expands his "abstract asshole" personality. He self-references some lines that came off his new album, angrily asking why he's talking about pineal glands. Soulo's got an understanding how ridiculous some of his near-senseless musings can sound, yet, he continues to dish 'em out relentlessly in his "Anunnaki flow."

I think the hook is a little messy, but the dude is sounding stranger than ever, which is where most of his appeal, for me, is coming from right now.