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Atomic Farmhouse- "CRAB CAKE"

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L.A. hip hop project Atomic Farmhouse is rough around the edges, but has a lotta personality to offer. Remember how I just said MF DOOM has a lotta influence on these up-and-comers? This is one of those cases, I'd say. However, that doesn't mean it should just be swept under the rug copycat style.

"CRAB CAKE" features a pretty colorful beat with some "oooo"-ing vocal samples, there's a sinister guitar interval that pops in around the 23-second mark, too. The whole thing sounds like it was all ripped from a 78 and thrown on top of a quickly produced beat. Grimy stuff.

The lyrics coming from what I think are two are even grimier, musing around selling some kind of nightmarish fantasy drug to people, and portraying the situation in a cartoony way. The track's two MCs--ANTI and LAWSON VLADIMIR--are pretty young, and their voices prove it. Though I think their flows and vocals could have more character, their lyrics are playfully dark enough to make up for it, and make this a mixtape worth checking out.

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