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Stream the Aviator / Spirit Fangs Split EP

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One of the great things about the internet is its ability to bridge gaps created by geography. Without the internet, it would pretty difficult and unlikely for two punk bands from opposite sides of the United States to come together and release a split EP, which is exactly what the Massachusetts hardcore band Aviator did with their California-based friends in Spirit Fang. The style of both of these bands is rooted in the melodic, emotive hardcore movement of the past few years, which has been spearheaded by bands like Touche Amore and La Dispute, and those influences come through particularly clearly on Aviator's two songs. "A Thousand Monkeys" and "A Thousand Typrewriters" are similarly structured hardcore dirges, featuring lyrics about mental illness, disillusionment, and general self-directed malaise.

Lyrically speaking, Spirit Fangs' two songs are rather similar. That said, Spirit Fangs' side edges out Aviator's, mostly because it's more groove-oriented, but also because they seem to take themselves less seriously and enjoy making music more. It's still the same kind of visceral, emotive punk, but just a little less heady and cerebral. With its multiple dynamic changes and gritty bass groove, Spirit Fangs' "Hand Over Heart" is a particular highlight out of these four tracks.

Stream both sides of the split EP at the embedded link above, and download the whole thing over at bandcamp.