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Bob Mould- "The Descent"

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Is it strange that Bob Mould's voice makes me think of Jeff Bridges? Probably.

Anyway, this new video from the influential American indie artist brings on a riff that is pretty energetic, although, it sounds nearly identical to pretty much any Foo Fighters song. It works just fine either way and unlike Foo Fighters songs his songwriting doesn't hit the same kind of cliches that theirs typically do. This track seems to be about a sort of downward spiral from the life one has become accustomed or has worked hard to achieve.

The message is conveyed perfectly by the video, which follows Bob who was just fired from his corporate job. It starts with him leaving his one time office building and heading into the woods to start a new life, one filled with peace and serenity; no longer shrouded by the normal absurdities of being a suit in corporate America.  Sounds like a great idea to me.

Silver Age is set to releases September 4.