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Chomp- "Fresh Wounds"

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Stream: Chomp- "Fresh Wounds" Cloud Nothings members Joe Boyer and Jayson Gerycz have a new side project in the works called Chomp, and are set to release their debut full length Buddha Jabba Momma next month. They dropped a single called "Throw Out Your Wish List" last month, and now they have another track out, a clattering, synth-heavy lo-fi gem called "Fresh Wounds." The track starts out with some sweetly melodic harmonizing vocals and eventually drops off into a buzzing, drum machine-powered piece of catchy pop/rock. It's not nearly as barbed as the material on Cloud Nothings' latest LP Attack On Memory, but it still has enough of a rough edge  to hold my interest.

Buddha Jabba Momma is out 9/18 on Exit Stencil.