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Desaparecidos- "Backsell" (Loved)

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Remember that track I posted almost a week ago about the newest track dropped by the recently reformed Conor Oberst-fronted Desaparecidos? Yeah, the "Marikkopa" single, that's the one. Well, here is the b-side streaming above, "Backsell."

It's a heavy, hard-hitting jab at the music industry, featuring what seem to be samples of phone messages sent to Oberst by record execs. HILARIOUS! And of course the lyrics are clever, too. That's an Oberst trademark, if I say so myself:

"I was scanning through the stations, every channel sounded clear."

Good one, my son. I see what you did there.

Though the vocal delivery is fiery, the drums pound, and the guitars scream. It's just how I like my rock music: rebellious.