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Dum Dum Girls- "Lord Knows"

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Back when Dum Dum Girls dropped their 2010 debut I Will Be, it would have been hard to predict that within two years, frontwoman Dee Dee would develop into a remarkably talented and mature singer/songwriter. Tracks like the devastating "Coming Down" from last year's Only In Dreams established this newfound maturity, and the Dum Dums' new single "Lord Knows" simply reaffirms it. Though not as lethargic or dark as some of the Dee Dee's previous 'mature' statements, "Lord Knows" still displays an incredible ability to regulate and convey emotion, along with the Dum Dums' consistently great melodic sense and an instantly memorable chorus. This band's creativity is so far beyond their peers in the revivalist garage rock scene at this point that I almost wonder why anyone else even tries.

"Lord Knows" will appear on the forthcoming End Of Daze EP, which will be out September 25th on Sub Pop. Stream and download it at the embedded link above.