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Flock of Dimes- "Curtain"

New MusicalleyborgComment

Based on her prolific output, multiple side projects, and rigorous touring schedule, it’s safe to say that creating music is Jenn Wasner’s raison d’être. The latest offering from her Flock of Dimes solo project is the captivating “Curtain,” her second single under the monicker. Wasner’s discerning taste in sounds is impeccable as always, incorporating a wondrous array of unique synthesizers and vocal effects that infuse her already astounding voice with an almost angelic magic. With a surging synth appearing at just the right moments and handclaps during the final chorus, “Curtain” is a track with a multitude of details but never cluttered. With the stirring Wye Oak, the adventurous Flock of Dimes solo venture, and a collaborative pop project with Jon Ehrens called Dungeonesse, music fans can expect to hear much more of Wasner’s eclectic songwriting in the future.

You can preorder the “Curtain”/”Apparition” 7” through the good folks over at Merge Records.