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Flying Lotus- "See Thru To U" ft. Erykah Badu

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Sonic adventurer Flying Lotus has dropped a new track from his forthcoming album, Until the Quiet Comes, and it features the terrific Erykah Badu on vocals. I also suspect Thundercat may have something to do with the bassline.

This album will be the followup to 2010's well-received Cosmogramma, and it'll be the first album this guy has put out since picking up some serious steam last year with his ever-growing Brainfeeder Records label.

"See Thru To U" is a slightly different set of sounds for FlyLo, but fans can't say they didn't see this coming. Cosmogramma saw the L.A. producer incorporating more acoustic instrumentation--especially that of the jazz variety. Most of it, from what I could tell, was sample-based, though. That made for a slightly static presentation when it came to incorporating sounds like his late Aunt's harp playing.

This new track seems to have much more of a natural, jam-like vibe to it. Of course it cant all be done live. The toms sound looped, and Erykah Badu's vocals eventually grow into a multi-tracked casserole of weepy moans; however, my interests are piqued. It would a challenge for both FlyLo and his fans to make a nearly full transition away from the grimy, colorful, imaginative, and hip hop-influenced production style that so many producers are biting right now. But that's part of what's made the guy so interesting in the first place, right? Being one step ahead?

Though I think Badu's vocal takes are assembled in a way that doesn't really see them working together all the well, I did think the overall direction of the track was admirable. I don't get much from it being a short two minutes and twenty-four seconds long, too; however, this track's true power will come out when it's sitting in the midst of all the other cuts on this LP, for sure.

Look for Until the Quiet Comes via Warp records on October 15th.