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Giles Corey- Deconstructionist

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If you ask me, Giles Corey/Have A Nice Life mastermind Dan Barrett is one of the most talented and enigmatic songwriters out there right now. I was blown away by his last full length, 2011's Giles Corey, so of course I was going to be excited for whatever he put out next. As it turns out, Giles Corey's new EP is much different than anything he has done with the project before, although it is still alluring in the same dark, mysterious way that the full length was. Despite being classified as an EP, Deconstructionist is over an hour and a half of music, most of which is instrumental and all of which is dark, moody, and evocative. In the album's description, Barrett describes it as "Not a 'record,' but a philosophical tool." The purpose of the album, according to the lengthy PDF file that accompanies the digital release, is to "[induce] trance states, an attempt to expand the consciousness enough to include an egoless universe in a manner similar to meditation and ceremonial possession." Basically, it's some very deep, very cerebral stuff.

Listen if you dare. The album is available to purchase on bandcamp for $5.