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John Frusciante- "Walls And Doors"

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I know singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer John Frusciante's last EP, Letur Lefr, was a bit strange, but I don't think any track on that thing prepared me for this first track to drop from the guy's forthcoming album, PBX Funicular Intaglio Zone.

There's acoustic drums here mixed with electric. John sings numerous parts in this eerie falsetto that doesn't seem all too aware of whether or not it's in key. There are glitchy effects and some captivating piano and strings as well.

It's an interesting mix. I wish the break beat was a bit more, you know, unique, but some of the breakdowns here are pretty awesome. That synth arpeggio at 1:30 is pretty inspiring. The plucked strings that come in shortly after are pretty to my ears as well. John is definitely taking his knack for composition into this extremely electronic and experimental field. While I'm still too unsure to say it's well executed, he's definitely going into this track with all the guts he can give it--especially during the ballsy, woodwind-backed climax at 3:15.

What Frusciante has to offer on this new album, dropping September 24th, will be interesting to say the least.