The Needle Drop

La Bella- Recomposition

New MusicNicholas Kindrachuk1 Comment

La Bella is a California based hardcore band that has put together 7 enthralling tracks filled with emotion and original progressions.

The most common issue that I have always had with the hardcore genre is the general lack of creativity that seems to be put it in; most just stick to a certain formula that gets audiences head banging and what is pretty much the equivalent to flailing in dance form. However, there a select few bands who do manage to breakaway from that tired formula and use the genre for some great intentions, which is showing a level of passion and emotion that really no other genre can accurately show. The band that primarily comes to mind is La Dispute, but La Bella seems to be making music much in the same vain. They're making it their own by having more frantic instrumentation while having their raw, impassioned vocals fight with the music in some truly great ways. This is exactly what I want from my hardcore music.