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Lightning Bolt- "King Candy"

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Thanks for the clarification, Mr. Burns. The most intense duo in noise rock comes out of nowhere and announces a new album--no, really a compilation of sorts--release just around the corner. Lightning Bolt's sixth album, Oblivion Hunter, is gonna come out on September 25th via Load Records.

"King Candy" is the first track to drop from this thing, and it's a bit more lo-fi and improvisational than much of Bolt's most recent material. I'd say the chaotic, rough, and free-form feel of this track is actually taking the duo back to their roots with releases like their self-titled debut. The track really sounds like a live performance.

Who knows what Bolt has in store for the rest of the tracks on this thing, though? Maintaining one single sound for angle for the entirety of an album hasn't ever been the duo's style. Let's see how this pans out. Check the song titles for this new LP below:

Track listing: 1. King Candy 2. Baron Wasteland 3. Oblivion Balloon 4. Fly Fucker Fly 5. The Soft Spoken Spectre 6. Salamander 7. World Wobbly Wide