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Matthewdavid- Stop & Realize

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L.A. producer Matthewdavid recently dropped a new EP titled Producers in 2012 Learn to Spread Love via Flying Lotus's Brainfeeder imprint. It is available as a free download over at the Brainfeeder website. A track from the EP, "Stop & Realize," is also streaming via the SoundCloud widget above.

What has set Matthewdavid apart in the ever so large scene of beat makers in the current musical landscape is his use use of thick, warped atmosphere. On last year's Outmind LP, the producer twisted mostly indecipherable samples into walls of thick haze, which were then punctured with heavy, off-kilter drums. "Stop & Realize" isn't quite as dense as that album, but it nevertheless sports Matthewdavid's familiar blend of disorienting electronic percussion with odd sounds and textures, the latter evidenced especially by the pitch-shifted vocal samples that bookend the song. Juxtaposed against the left field instrumental is a somewhat soulful vocal feature, which lends "Stop & Realize" a sense of melody that is often missing from Matthewdavid's music. Despite its abrupt ending and short run time, the track shows an interesting new side of the artist.