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Mount Eerie- "Pale Lights"

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Mount Eerie's last album, Clear Moon, definitely took drone and repetition to the forefront for the longtime musical project of singer-songwriter Phil Elverum.

Phil is now gearing up to release his second album of 2012, Ocean Roar, and "Pale Lights" is the first song to drop from it. The track still makes use of the repetitive direction Moon did, but with a much more ferocious sound.

The track is strangely structured, too. It does through phases of loud and soft with instrumentation gradually being faded in and out of a the mix as the 10-minute song progresses. Fades aren't exactly my favorite studio trick, but they're used interestingly here, in my opinion.

Once again, Mount Eerie is a shining beacon of light for all things obtuse. Look for this album on September on P.W. Elverum & Sun.