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OILTANKER- "Ignorant Bastards"

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[audio:] OILTANKER is a Hartford d-beat punk band with a loud, aggressive, and crusty reputation. Their guitar tones are a bit thicker than one would expect from a band in this style, which made their latest album, the Shadow of Greed, worth reissue status on Southern Lord Records.

This new incarnation of the Shadow incorporates tracks from the band's recent Crusades 7" as well. If unreasonably fierce and atonal hardcore is what you've been using to replace your morning coffee, this is the real deal.

"Ignorant Bastards" starts off like a standard d-beat track should, but OILTANKER works to whip the chords, drum fills, and obscured vocals into a tortured and chaotic frenzy.

Listen to some more material from the band on, uh, MySpace...