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Princess Music- "White Wave"

New Musicalleyborg1 Comment

As much as I love pop music constructed from familiar song structures, tried and true chord progressions, and simple melodies, I cannot deny how impressed I am when classically-trained musicians apply their understanding of the ins and outs of music to the pop song. With their new single “White Wave,” the Denver five piece Princess Music have crafted an artfully arranged bit of chamber pop with a positively radiant sense of dynamism. The track begins with the comforting sound of a music box, carefree as it serenades the listener with its charming melody before segueing into Tyler Ludwick’s soft spoken vocals and delicately fingerpicked guitar. The listener is then treated to uplifting strings that perfectly transition into the song’s fantastic chorus. Supplemented with faint drum kicks and tambourine, the chorus can only be described as wonderful, its power derived from its subtly. Amazingly enough, the section following the chorus is just as fantastic, featuring cello and violin so full of life I envision them dancing.

At its core, pop music is all about delivering little sonic presents to the listener. A catchy hook here, an ecstatic chorus there. With Princess Music, the listener receives a plenitude of musical gifts, all charismatic as they are complex.