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Right not there's a recurring trend in beat production that involves employing loads of amtmospheric effects, delicate samples, and moody melodies and chord progressions. Dude's like Clams Casino are certainly at the forefront of this up-and-coming style, and thanks to Tri Angle Records, music like this kinda has a home base at the moment.

Tri Angle has released CDs and vinyl from a handful of artists who are currently exploring the darker side of beatmusic. Balam Acab, Evian Christ, and the Haxan Cloak all sit on the label's roster right now.

The UK's Holy Other is on there as well, and is gearing up to release his full-length debut next week. The album is streaming in full via the widget above right now, though. It's a pretty ethereal set of tracks with some slow, soft grooves and beautifully executed vocal samples. Chill out, enjoy.