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Stream Jens Lekman's I Know What Love Isn't

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Stream: Jens Lekman- I Know What Love Isn't On September 3, Swedish singer-songwriter Jens Lekman will be releasing his third LP, titled I Know What Love Isn't, via Secretly Canadian. The folks over at The Quietus have made it available to stream now; just follow the link above to give it a listen.

It's been about five years since Jens won the hearts of many independent music fans with his last album, Night Falls Over Kortedala. His sweet, engaging lyricism, captivating melodies, and disarming voice made him a personality with whom it was difficult not to fall in love, especially when coupled with the warm and welcoming aesthetic of his precisely chosen instrumentation. Fortunately, I Know What Love Isn't exhibits Jens retaining such qualities and the charm they lent him, though also exploring his songwriting enough to save it from feeling like an unneeded regurgitation of ideas previously established in his discography. Aspiring indie pop artists, take note: this is how you make a record that is infectious on the surface and bears emotional depth at its core.