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Stream Matthew Dear's Beams

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Songwriter and producer Matthew Dear now has his latest full-length effort, Beams, available for a complete stream via the widget above. Based on my first impressions of this thing, Dear has really outdone himself. No, really. 2010's Black City was pretty well-received, but he's improved his approach a bit.

Dear's dark, moody approach to danceable and synthetic pop tunes was a bit too underwhelming for me during some spots on City. Here, Dear has given his rhythms and grooves a bit more punch. He's filled in the gaps with some twisted and strange sounds, and it's really showing off the dude's Talking Head's influences. The end result feels a bit like a mutated, bizarro version of Talking Heads' Remain In Light.

Press play on this thing, put on something black, and get those feet movin'.