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Stream the New Deerhoof LP

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Attached to the grainy, 29-minute video embedded above, you'll find an audio track that features the new Deerhoof album in its entirety. The title, Breakup Song, which, when I first heard of the title, I thought it was the band's swan song or something. Thankfully, it's not. *phew*

The album is coming out on Polyvinyl next week! Enjoy the kooky melodies and grooves in the mean time. Frontwoman Satomi's vocals sound as endearing as ever, and I'm noticing the band is taking on a lot of horns and electronics with this LP. Adding some distortion to things, too. It definitely reminds me of some of their more lower fidelity efforts in the early 2000s.

As usual, Deerhoof never ceases to amaze when it comes to bringing a quirky, festive attitude with their music.