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The Taxpayers create music that's a raw combination of punk and horns that isn't 3rd wave ska. I'm interested already!

I'm kidding, don't get your jimmies rustled.

This band's latest album--get ready, this is a long title-- "God, Forgive These Bastards" Songs From The Forgotten Life Of Henry Turner, is a constantly rotating cast of folk, punk, and jazz. It's pretty obvious from the album and song titles that the band has a lot to say. Of course, the lyrics are wordy as well, and often tell dark, detailed stories via dense verses delivered with strained male and female vocals.

Though I wish the recording was better, the band's songwriting and passion really shines though. It's something Andrew Jackson Jihad fans could really get down with, I'm sure.

Grab this album for whatever price you'd like on Bandcamp.