The Needle Drop

TEEN- "Electric"


Yeah, Brooklyn's TEEN doesn't exactly have a band name that sticks out in today's current indie landscape, however, the music the music itself is something worth writing home about.

It's dark, moody indie rock with loads of experimental, psychedelic sounds. There are a lot of great, etherial vocal harmonies through out the track featured in the video above, too. I really love the opening rhythm and bassline on this track, and the deadpan female vocals add an element of strangeness to the song as well.

Just when it seems like you're in for another Vivian / Dum Dum Girls knockoff, TEEN starts filling the mix with loads of weird synths and instrumentation toward the second half of this song. Am I surprised? Not really considering the band is fronted by Here We Go Magic keyboardist Teeny Lieberson. You've got to have an adventurous spirit working in a band like that, for sure.

TEEN's forthcoming album, In Limbo, will be out on August 28th on Carpark.