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WHY?- "Jonathan's Hope"

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California's WHY? comes strong on this new track from the indie pop/hip hop hybrid's forthcoming album, Mumps, etc. The song starts off with a really cool, breezy choir, and gives way to some precious piano chords, too.

Once the beat kicks, the mood changed instantly, shifting into something much darker and strangers. However, WHY? still maintains a lot of colorfully eccentric qualities with some glockenspiel and the continuation of the chorus vocals that began the track.

The effervescent chorus is extremely heavenly, but morbidly juxtaposed against the lyrical image of a dead dove on a two-ton truck. Damn!

As usual, frontman Yoni Wolf is as odd as he is charismatic. Really enjoying what the band is doing on this album, and looking forward to the album release of Mumps in October. Look for it on Anticon and City Slang.