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Woods- "Size Meets the Sound" (Loved)

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New York experimental folk rock outfit Woods have a new LP on the way titled Bend Beyond. It'll be the band's seventh full-length album, and "Size Meets the Sound" is the newest track to drop from it.

I may be wrong, but I believe I've reviewed no other band more times than Woods on my YouTube Channel. I'm planning on reviewing this new album as well, so I suppose that claim to fame--if you want to call it that, ha--isn't going to be taken away anytime soon.

Despite being let down by the group's last full-length, I'm anticipating some big things from Bend Beyond, and it's mostly because the tracks to drop from it thus far have been great--especially this one.

The opening melody has a both moody and mysterious quality to it. Jeremy Earl's haunting falsetto is still a pivotal part of the band's style, and it's sounding just as chilling as it ever has. However, what really makes this track great to me is the writing and performance. The band hits a good groove on the song, and the revolving door effect of introducing and removing certain instruments at certain points gives the track some nice dynamics.

The noodly guitar interlude and the finishing jam show off some nice intensity, too. It's been promised that this record is going to capture the band's live intensity, and this track certainly seems to be displaying that.

Look for this LP on Sept. 18th via Woodsist.