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Acid Pauli- "A Clone Is A Clone"

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A track off the latest release from Clown and Sunset artist Acid Pauli. If you didn't already know, Clown and Sunset is a music label spearheaded by sonic adventurer Nicolas Jaar. A lot like Flying Lotus' Brainfeeder Records, Jaar has been using Clown and Sunset to surround himself in a lot of like-minded artists who are looking to create music within the same dark, introspective, and house-influenced world that he does.

Acid Pauli doesn't stray from the formula, but at a point where this stuff is still fresh and exciting, that's not necessarily a bad thing. The dude puts a good groove out there on "A Clone Is A Clone," and surrounds it with mix of glitchy free jazz freakouts that sound as if they're being executed by a mix of live instrumentation and samples. Interesting stuff if you ask me.

Look for Acid Pauli's latest album, mst, here.