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CJ Fly- "The Beat Grinder" ft. Capital STEEZ

New MusicNicholas KindrachukComment

Pro Era Mc's CJ Fly and Capital STEEZ are probably best known for their featured songs on the Joey Badass mixtape 1999 that blew up from the songs "Survival Tactics" and "Hardknock".

Now that the hype around that tape has died down these two are looking to steal a bit of the spotlight for themselves. They definitely have my attention rapping over one of my favorite Madlib beats and they totally hold their own on it, too. They don't have the most exciting flows out there by any stretch, but it's easy to see that they will only improve from where they are now. Just like with their tracks on the 1999 tape they have a lot of clever wordplay that makes them feel more distinct in comparison to other rappers in a similar age range. These two do sound good together and if they are working on a mixtape together I will gladly give it a listen.