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Danny Brown- "Change"

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Detroit rapper Danny Brown scales back the raunch for this new single, which is teasing toward the dude's next album, Danny Johnson. Apparently Blu and Mainframe are handling the production on the LP, and you'll be able to find it eventually on New World Color.

About the song: This is an extremely toned down version of Danny, which is gonna be a surprise for those who first heard of him thanks to last year's XXX. The album showcased a loud, nasally, and dangerous nut who could outdrink, outsmoke, and outsnort anyone--oh, yeah, and outrap.

However, the mixtape wasn't without its moments of clarity. "Change" definitely goes further down that road with Danny reflecting a bit on life in general since his recent rise to popularity. Though its not as hard-hitting, Danny at least keeps his experiences and personal thoughts honest on this spot of introspection.