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Freddie Gibbs- "The Hard" ft. Dana Williams

New MusicNicholas Kindrachuk1 Comment

Indiana gangsta rapper Freddie Gibbs has dropped a new song featuring Dana Williams, which effectively lives up to its name "The Hard."

Gibbs like many other artists of the sort gives off an air of toughness that is undeniable even down to his gruff voice. He does this just as well as anybody else, but he delivers a sort of realism to his words that doesn't exactly feel like he is trying glorify that kind of lifestyle. The track actually feels like it would totally fit in with the last album from The Roots, Undun, right down to the production. It has that identical sad undertone to it that when it came to Undone, it was because you already knew how the story ended. Above all else Gibbs has managed to deliver the gritty verses necessary to compliment that production.