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Generationals- "Lucky Numbers"

New MusicDannySpitsComment

New Orleans indie pop group Generationals, the duo comprised by Ted Joyner and Grant Widmer, has a new EP on the way titled Lucky Numbers. The band will be self-releasing it on October 2, following last year's sophomore LP Actor-Castor. Above, you can stream the title track from the EP.

By no means is Generationals' brand of indie pop wildly unique; the combination of simplistic drum machines, light synthesizers, stripped down bass lines, and friendly vocals is an especially common theme in the modern indie landscape. However, the duo does exhibit enough charm and character to justify their use of it. The quirky synth line adds an element of bouncy fun to this new song, and the vocal delivery is sweetly easy on the ears. It may not be breaking miles of new ground, but "Lucky Numbers" nonetheless does its job well as a pleasant, breezy pop song.