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Homeboy Sandman- "Not Really"

VideosNicholas KindrachukComment

This may be the first time I have heard a song, especially one in hip-hop, where the MC talks about how nothing has really changed since they have become "famous".

Now I wouldn't really call Homeboy Sandman a celebrity, but he's signed to a label and has his own sound, although, I did find out about him thought a Das Racist featured freestyle video. That element of him not really being too huge at this point adds to the charm of the song. He manages to downplay almost everything about his "new life" in way that makes a hilarious parallel to say Tyler, the Creator who seems to mention how tough his life has been since becomes "famous".

Homeboy Sandman is just laid back in everything from the beat to the delivery. It makes for a fun tongue in cheek lyrical song that pokes fun at a lot of other artists in a similar position.

First Of A Living Breed is out now.