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John Talabot- "Mai Mes" / "Tragedial"

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Streaming below are two new, unreleased dance tracks from Spanish DJ John Talabot. If you remember, the dude had a stellar February release titled fin. As the discrepancy in cover art suggests, the outtake sessions will be released on their very own 7” that will be sold exclusively through his upcoming tour with the xx in late 2012. Continuing with his refined ambient-yet-danceable sound, Talabot’s production has a very warmly saturated mix, a distinguished sound in dance music. “Mai Mes” has a pleasing contrast of airy yet tastefully reverberated samples to vintage drum percussions, programmed to the Afro/Cuban rhythms which have become accustomed to the European dance sound. It’s all crowned with a gorgeous vocal melody towards the climax, reminiscent of those 80’s house tracks featuring a powerful female vocalist.