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Lushlife- "Still I hear the Word Progress" ft. Styles P

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Admittedly, I'm late on posting about this Lushlife album, Plateau Vision; however, I'm not late on hearing it. I've had a promo copy of the album for a while now. I was underwhelmed at first, but I'm liking it a lot more now that I've had the chance to revisit it.

"Still I Hear the Word Progress" is one of the album's biggest standouts. It features Styles P on the first verse. Of course his aggression is off the charts. Styles is just a grimy dude, and Lush comes in right after with a really fast flow. This dude really reminds me of a young Nas, and that's what I need right about now.

The beat is a little lo-fi, but is pretty forward-thinking. There are some bubbly 8-bit arpeggios in there on the hook, which is paired with what sounds like a vocal sample that's a little chopped or auto-tuned for added effect.