The Needle Drop


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MiSTOA pOLTSA is a noise and garage rock project, and above, you can stream its seven-track eponymous album.

I suppose the music of MiSTOA pOLTSA could be succinctly described as "unrestrained." "Noisy" doesn't quite cut it when describing the thick yet grimy wall of sound the project creates with its raucous guitars, trashy drums, and distorted bass, and "unsettling" doesn't completely do justice to the unintelligible yet powerful vocals that front it. The songs on this release are generally short, choosing to make their points in an efficiently digested manner. There is, however, a major exception in the form of the last track, "ABIT OFF BLOOD, for the love of god," which builds on a driving repetitive groove with screeching instrumentation and disorienting atmosphere for over nine minutes. It is an effective track not only for its hypnotically compelling effect, but also for showing that the project is capable of more than just brief, catchy songwriting.