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Moonface- "I'm Not The Phoenix Yet"

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I am a huge sucker for Spencer Krugs lyrical style and vocal delivery, there's a fantastical quality about it that still remains raw with emotion, it feels genuinely unique. Of course he is best known for his bands: Wolf Parade and Sunset Rubdown. His new focus is collaborative/solo project under the name Moonface; a project that I feel is fairly underrated. The last album he released earlier this year was doing with kraut rock band Siinai called, Heartbreaking Bravery.

"I'm Not The Phoenix Yet" is the third song to have a video made for from the album. For the video they seem to have spliced together a bunch of shots from a VHS workout tape and cut them along to the song. It has an oddly hypnotic effect and after some consideration actually accents they lyrics and song nicely. Certainly not something one would expect from a video that is essentially scantily clad women thrusting and punching, but it totally happened.