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Neurosis- "At the Well"

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Yet another band that’s been fairly absent since their previous LP in 2007, Oakland’s post-metal demigods Neurosis are back with their textbook brand of apocalyptic, sludgy metal paired with psychedelic textures. “At the Well” is currently streaming on NPR’s website and shows the band harkening back to the days of A Sun that Never Sets. Plodding, monolithic riffs blend seamlessly with both Scott Kelly’s anguished screams and Steve Von Till’s Americana-meets-Tom-Waits vocal aesthetic. While things may never get as heavy as Through Silver in Blood, Neurosis is still one of the most consistently amazing acts in the genre. The band’s new album, Honor Found in Decay, is being released October 30th on the band’s own Neurot Records. It’s certainly poised to be one of the best releases of 2012.