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Ormonde- "Hold the Water"

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Ormonde is the pairing of singer-songwriters Lotte Kestner and Robert Gomez. Both have their share of solo material, but I'll admit this is the first time I'm hearing either of them--to my knowledge, anyway.

The duo's new album is titled Machine, which I'm a bit befuddled on considering the music here doesn't feel mechanical in any way. Instead, it's quite shy, soft-spoken, and dreary. Gomez and Kestner stay pretty consistent with that theme throughout the 10 tracks on this LP, and "Hold the Water" is no exception. The track features some slowly arpeggiated guitar chords against a pot & pan rhythm. Kestner's somber vocals twirl like a depressed ballerina over the instrumentation. You can also catch her vocals on this new Trespassers William release.

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