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RaidenMajor Ft. Oddyssey- Holographic [Prod. By HYDRABADD]

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There is no doubt in my mind that many of you have played Pokémon at some point in your lives--and possibly still do--whether it be the trading cards or the video game, the lovable pocket monsters have been at the fingertips of a large portion of this site's readers. Of course, as it is inevitable with such a popular cultural phenomenon, musical references to it are not exactly scarce, and unfortunately, many of them are not particularly clever or entertaining.

I didn't realize "Holographic" was going to be such a heavy homage to Pokémon until I had already started my first listen, but as soon as I began picking up the references, I was smiling from ear to ear. I'm admittedly a bit jaded when it comes to songs that so blatantly reference the franchise, which leaves me to wonder why I was able to get so excited about this track; perhaps the surprise factor had something to do with it, but even more so, I found myself admiring the fusion of rapid Pokémon allusions with many of hip hop's current trends. The slow, bass-heavy beat wouldn't sound out of place on many modern hip hop mixtapes, and the blatant sexual innuendo that characterizes the lyrics of many contemporary rappers is hilariously paired with much of the Pokémon lingo (e.g. "Misty all on my cock / Still lookin' like Based God.") Somewhere out in Based World, Lil B is cursing himself for not thinking of this first.