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Religious Girls- I Want To Believe

New MusicNicholas Kindrachuk3 Comments

3-piece experimental outfit from California who are pretty difficult to describe to anyone who has not heard them before.

There is a certain element of mathcore to them, but they branch off into all kinds of ridiculous directions like pop and electronic music. They really excel at just mashing all of these aspects together into one sometimes gorgeous and sometimes "what is this?" sound that is simply, Religious Girls. It would be easy to see their mish mash of genres as completely random from a distance, but if you give it a real listen you can plainly see just how technical all these aspects are, especially since they play these songs live as well. Not only is it technically impressive, but these guys break into some truly great jams as well; jams that clearly feed off of their chemistry with one another. That organic feeling of people working together perfectly in music is something I will never tire of and is very evident here.