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Stream the New Cerce 7"

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Following May's promising Tour Sampler CD-R, Boston-based hardcore punk group Cerce have released an eponymous, six-track EP. Stream the release above by way of the band's Bandcamp.

Cerce finds the band developing the visceral, to-the-point sound of the aforementioned tour sampler, as well as the Teen Bible EP and split with screamo band Leer that preceded it. It brings no major changes for the band, but instead offers a minor yet satisfying advancement with slightly improved recording quality, rerecorded versions of two tracks from the tour sampler, and four new songs. As with the group's past material, the urgent cry of Cerce's singularly emotive frontwoman is one of their main attractions, providing a refreshingly distinctive and striking angle. Instrumentally, however, the band holds up just as successfully; concise yet dense song structures and exceptionally tight performances add another element of substance that engages beyond simply backing the vocalist. Cerce has yet to break their winning streak of producing blood-pumping, cathartic punk music, and with the steps they have been making forward, it is difficult to see their future as anything but bright.