The Needle Drop

Tame Impala- "Elephant"

Videosalleyborg2 Comments

We all know Tame Impala's unmatched and uncanny ability to replicate the sounds of golden age psychedelia, but with their latest video offering, the Perth boys prove that, with a little help from Japanese visual artist Yoshi Sodeoka, they can flawlessly emulate the mind-bending visuals of 60s psychedelic rock videos as well. Every color of the rainbow is represented as vivid washes of color bleed over footage of the band performing live, forming something akin to the "Star Gate" sequence from 2001: A Space Odyssey. My favorite element of the video is its frequent use of a visual effect that sort of mystically clones the musicians in an ultra fractured manner, creating an effect very similar to the album art of Pink Floyd's seminal album the Piper at the Gates of Dawn. Well-executed and very complementary to the music, the video succeeds as both a fine music video for 2012 and a nod to the genre progenitors Tame Impala owe so much to.