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Twerps- "Work It Out" (LOVED)

New Musicalleyborg2 Comments

Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, Twerps are a jangle pop band that can transform bummer songs into upbeat numbers to live by. “Work It Out,” the b-side to their forthcoming single, is far from your typical breakup song. Where as most breakup songs are one-sided, either expressing the sorrow of the one broken up with or the vindication of the one to initiate the breakup, Twerps are able to convey both players. The song begins with the frustrated partner detailing what he/she can’t stand in his/her gossiping, unreliable, unmotivated partner before the chorus begins with the oh-so catchy “We’re through / Yeah me and you / Done / Done / We’re through.”

The chorus makes an unexpected shift after this line, shifting perspective to the opposite partner, pleading that the couple “Work it out / Do it now” and astutely pointing out that “You get back / As much as you put in.” In the next verse, the discontent partner counters, expressing how much time he/she has put into the relationship and how ultimately they’ll be the better person once the two have severed their ties. He reaffirms his view that the relationship is over and again the other partner begs for them to work out their issues. While the narrative of the song is fairly skeletal, it’s highly effective thanks to how rooted in reality it is. Bolstering the story is the song’s instrumentation and while the instrument palette is very standard for a Flying Nun-influenced jangle pop band, the melody cannot be overlooked. It gives the song a sense of optimism, giving hope that the couple might be able to patch things up after all.

Twerps’ single will be released on October 23rd via Underwater Peoples.