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3:33- In the Middle of Infinity

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The experimental beatmusic project 3:33 will be releasing a new album at the end of this month via Parallel Thought titled In the Middle of Infinity. If there was any time of year for an album like this, it's the end of October. That's when stuff is supposed to be creepy and stuff, right?

But seriously, while 3:33 does rely on looped rhythms to get its point across, it's a bit darker than most projects you'll find in this genre. 3:33 doesn't just deliver rhythms, but also toys with elements of dark ambient and drone across the 11 tracks on this new album. I'd actually say the 41-minute closing track is the most ambitious ambient piece the project has embarked on thus far.

Get read to nod your head and (possibly) get spooked via the widget above.