The Needle Drop

Angel Haze- "Werkin' Girls"


Back in July, young rap upstart Angel Haze released Reservation, a collection of fourteen songs that showcase Angel's prowess as a fast-spitting, high-energy MC. Among those tracks is "Werkin' Girls," which was recently given video treatment. Above, you can watch its accompanying visuals by way of her YouTube channel.

"Werkin' Girls," despite its danceable nature and playful title, is somewhat menacing. Banging percussion and sinister, distorted synth hits make for a disorienting instrumental, and Angel's lightning quick flow is as intimidating as it is engaging. Juxtaposing a series of odd characters, which range from a foil mask-wearing figure and his similarly dressed accomplices to a pair of jump roping young girls, against the bluish-gray interior of a warehouse, the video accurately reflects this relationship between the disturbing and the accessible. Throughout the chaos that ensues within the clip's three minute run time, Angel spits her verses directly at the camera with a fiery resolve. Even when the masked assailants capture the girls at the end of the video, Angel remains unfazed at the center of it all, cementing her image as a hardened, bold, and unrelenting force to be reckoned with.