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Daughter- "Smother"

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Hailing from London, Elena Tonra makes music as a part of a project that goes by the name of Daughter. "Smother" is their new 7" single, and along with B-side "Run," it was released digitally on September 3 and physically on October 1 via 4AD and Glassnote. Aside from this single, the group only has two EPs to their name, but is presently at work on their full-length debut. In the mean time, stream the A-side above courtesy of the band's YouTube channel.

"Smother" opens with a set of evocative, delicately strummed guitar chords that wouldn't sound out of place in a modern post-rock song. When Tonra's passionate vocals enter shortly after, however, the driving force of the song becomes clear. Backed by swelling instrumentation and angelic vocal harmonies, Tonra's vocal delivery achieves a simultaneously haunting and heartbreaking effect, rounding out what is ultimately an emotionally potent piece of music.