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Jean Grae- "Kill Screen"

VideosNicholas KindrachukComment

New York MC Jean Grae brings some heavy wordplay and a stand-out video to go along with it.

Jean Grae has already established herself as an MC to watch after working with artists like Talib Kweli--someone who she is easily comparable to. With "Kill Screen," Grae shows she can certainly hold her own some extremely well-read verses, but what's equally attention-grabbing on this video are the myriad of subliminal images and messages. Inspired by the ideas of mind control Grae has taken it upon herself to densely edit the video with many hard cuts and fast messages that encourage replays and pauses to catch them all. The opening is also a nice little homage or so it seems to the Kill Bill films.

It is impressive to see an artist convey their message in original ways beyond music, which is what Jean Grae manages here.