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Nicolas Jaar- Live at Sonar Lab (Barcelona)

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On record, Nicolas Jaar, to put it frankly, strikes me as one of the most interesting figures in electronic music to emerge throughout the past few years. His blend of elements of spacious house music, vivid sample collages, and sultry atmosphere, topped off with his own baritone vocals, hit home with both the Space is Only Noise LP and the Don't Break My Love EP in 2011, and despite being relatively quiet throughout this year, he has continued his winning streak with the excellent "With Just One Glance" single that featured Bruce Willis & Demi Moore's offspring Scout Larue.

In a live setting, however, Jaar takes his music to new levels, exploring the potential of his studio recordings to create an experience that feels largely singular. It's an experience I have yet to witness, but thankfully, Jaar stopped by Sonar Lab at Barcelona recently to play a live set, and it is available to stream via the SoundCloud widget above. Nearing one hour in length, the set showcases Jaar seamlessly mixing and remixing material into a cohesive journey, all without a single pause to puncture its continuously flowing nature. Jaar's studio work is already brimming with ideas, but his live performance shows just how expansive his creativity is, and it's a testament to what will hopefully be a bright future for the young producer.