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REKS- "Devils Clutches"

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Hailing from Lawrence, Massachusetts, underground rapper REKS made a bit of a splash last year with his album, Rhymatic Eternal King Supreme. Pairing Reks' seasoned flow with the album's boom bap and piano-reliant production won the emcee a lot of fans and on "Devils Clutches," the first track to leak from his upcoming album, Eyes Watching God, Reks sticks to that formula. The piano melody at the beat's core is short but evocative and the scratching Hazardis Soundz contributes to the track adds a nice degree of contrast. Meanwhile, Reks' flow is as solid as ever, engaging the listener and resolutely riding the beat.

Eyes Watching God (with Reks rapping and Hazardis Soundz on production duties) is currently slated for release early next year.